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Best Art for Sale | Our Purpose

Welcome to Best Art for Sale , our website , which offers very affordable art for sale . This website , Best Art for Sale ,  is created specially for art lovers who wanted to decorate and appreciate some fine art pieces,  but could not afford the exorbitant rates offered at many art galleries .

Best Art for sale

Best Art for Sale | Good value for our art pieces

While some renown artists do command higher premium over their work of art , so do the art galleries .However , at ” Best Art for Sale ” , we believe that  there are many artists who are equally good too out there , trying to make an honest living and this is where we work very closely with these artists to promote their art pieces in our on-line gallery . To help manage cost , we do not carry much inventory ,  and once there is an order from our clients  , we will request the artist to start work . Typically this will  require 2 weeks to complete per each art piece . So no inventory cost , no wasted art pieces and  no middle man involvement . Cost savings are directly passed on to our clients .

Best Art for Sale | Types of paintings

All manually hand-painted by artists , these are all original art for sale pieces . Majority of the paintings are acrylic paintings instead of oil paintings ,  We have traditional and original art paintings , pop art and abstract paintings for sale

Best Art for sale | Our Artists and Quality

In ” Best Art for Sale ” , we realize that not all artists are the same . Their keystrokes , the pressure they exert , their eyes for details and style are different from one another and that is why we choose and select artists that  we consider unique in their own area of “expertise” . To ensure that the quality is consistent , every piece is being checked and only pieces that  meet our expectation are put on sale on our website .

Best Art for Sale | Our services

As we do not carry many pieces , artist will start work upon receiving an order from our client about a particular piece that we put on our website .This can be done by contacting us directly via our “contact us” page . We will advise client regarding our schedules and if agreeable , clients will proceed to make full payment for the art paintings for sale  . Once the painting is ready within the stipulated schedule , we will arrange for shipment and notify our clients

With the intention to keep our cost low ,  we hope that our clients would recommend our services to their other friends and colleagues who may find our art pieces to be affordable and value for money

Best Art for Sale | Stocked and out-of-stock paintings

art for sale Though customers or clients will find many art paintings for sale ,  we do not carry many pieces for cost reasons , do not be utterly worried if the paintings are out of stock . Simply note down the part number of the paintings and its dimension . Then contact us via the “contact us ” page . We will get back to you regarding the schedule of the items . We hope that with the low cost and nice art pieces , our customers will be happy with our services and the values ” best art for sale “  provide  .

Thank You !!